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Huit interprètes à l’énergie débordante font de ce spectacle une véritable bombe.
Béclard/ Demandez le programme.


DANCED BY:  Angel Duran (SP), Lewis Cooke (UK), Patricia Rotondaro (CH), Guilhem Chatir (FR), Hyaejin Lee (KR), Anna Karenina Lambrechts (BE), Ioulia Zacharaki (GR) & Maria Manoukian (GR)
Thi Mai Nguyen (FR)
Costumes: Britt Angé
PRODUCTION: Anton Lachky Company
COPRODUCTION: La Balsamine Théâtre (BE),  CHARLEROI-DANSE/Centre Chorégraphique de la fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (BE), STEP FESTIVAL/MIGROS/ THE CULTURE PERCENTAGE (CH), Produced with the support of the Belgian Federal Government’s Tax Shelter, and La FEDERATION WALLONIE BRUXELLES (BE)

The citizen of Ludum love to wander and get lost into the wild of virtual reality. Filled with an intense joy, they dive head first into this very attractive and fascinating vortex, where the reproduction of reality is so much more addictive and fascinating that reality itself. Their true dreams, their wildest fantasies, come true. Finally, true happiness is at a hand reach ! Superb, ravishing dancers suddenly appears; They dance quickly, they seem to set themselves free from the bleak edges of the physical world. They are beautiful, powerful, immortal. The realm of reality seems to extend, unfold, and reach an infinite horizon. Playing with the limits between what is possible and what is not, to the point of dissolving them, raises questions; What will happen to Ludum and its inhabitants ? At a time where virtual and the real beget each other, are we still able to distinguish them? Are we still equipped with such a thing as a « sens of life » ?

LUDUM is a show for all audiences (+9)


LUDUM 02/04/19
La Balsamine (BXL) PREMIERE !!!!!!!!!
LUDUM 03/04/19 La Balsamine (BXL)
LUDUM 04/04/19La Balsamine (BXL)
LUDUM 05/04/19 La Balsamine (BXL)
LUDUM 12/10/2019 Bratislava v pohybe (SK)
LUDUM 16/10 2019 10:30 am OBJECTIF DANSE 09
LUDUM 24/10/19 Le Marni (BXL)
LUDUM 02/11/19 Ainsi Theater Maastricht (NL)
LUDUM 23/11/2019 Festival MOVE ! Essen (DE)

LUDUM  24/04/2020 Gessi Zurich/ PREMIERE Steps Festival de Danse du Pour-cent culturel Migros
LUDUM 26/04/2020 Teatro Dimitri Verscio Steps festival (CH) (Option)
LUDUM 05 or 06/05/2020 SURMARS/Mons (BE)
LUDUM 08/05/2020 Nebia, Biel/Bienne/ Steps Festival de Danse du Pour-cent culturel Migros(CH)
LUDUM 10/05/2020 Theater Phönix, Steckborn/ Steps Festival de Danse du Pour-cent culturel Migros
LUDUM 13/05/2020 Burghof, Lörrach/Steps Festival de Danse du Pour-cent culturel Migros (CH) /
LUDUM 15/05/2020 Château Rouge, Annemasse/ Steps Festival de Danse du Pour-cent culturel Migros
LUDUM 16/05/2020 Château Rouge, Annemasse / Steps Festival de Danse du Pour-cent culturel Migros (CH)