In A’s Adventures, Brussels-based choreographer Anton Lachky takes us on a journey into the realm of the subconscious, where emotional states we don’t know or don’t dare to know explode into view. In this fantastical world, where the poetic and sublime converge, a group of characters emerge through intense, fast paced physicality and a series of bizarre and wondrous events. The Göteborg Opera Orchestra plays Mozart, Bach and Haydn under the direction of Max Renne. Mezzo soprano Lena Haselmann sings and dances on stage together with GöteborgsOperans Danskompani.

"When it comes to 'A's Adventures', I was first interested in having a green hill on stage, inspired as I was by 'Alice in Wonderland'. With water, trees and rabbit holes. But along the way, the green knoll turned into a mountain of marble, which turned into a white mountain – which was transformed into the iceberg now visible on stage." KRISTIN TORP, SET AND COSTUME DESIGNER

Wonderland premiered on September 20th 2014 in Göteborgoperan.

“Here the principles of lust and desire rule - all bodily and sensory limitations, begone”
”A visual dance masterpiece”

pictures : © Bengt Wanselius

CHOREOGRAPHY BY Anton Lachky COSTUMES AND SET DESIGN   graa hverdag as/Kristin Torp LIGHT DESIGN BY Kyrre Heldal Karlsen ASSISTANT TO THE CHOREOGRAPHER Eléonore Valère DANCERS OF GÖTEBORGOPERAN Anna Altès, Delphine Boutet, Jenna Fakhoury, Mai Lisa Guinoo, Ekaterina Shushakova, Danielle de Vries, Ingeborg Zackariassen , Arika Yamada, Jim De Block, Nigel Campbell, Simone Deriu, Andrzej Glosniak, Pascal Marty, Jonathan Savage, Oleg Stepanov, Lee-Yuan Tu CONDUCTOR Max Renne SINGER Lena Haselman PIANIST Bernard Matracki MUSICIANS The Göteborg opera orchestra