picture © Ioulia Zacharaki

DANCED BY:  Mami Izumi, Anna Karenina Lambrechts, Luan De Lima, Angel Duran
UNDERSTUDY: Ioulia Zacharaki
Costumes: Britt Angé
PRODUCTION: Seventyseven vzw
COPRODUCTION: Krokusfestival, CHARLEROI-DANSES Centre Chorégraphique de la fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

With the support of La fédération Wallonie Bruxelles


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"The fantasy of children is not a long calm river. Watch them play; They jump from one thing to another in an instant. When they invent a story, they do not care about the coherence of its development, of its logic, in the sense that we, the adults, understand it. It looks more like a kind of "exquisite corpse", this game invented by the Surrealists. This method of creation is a collective procedure, where a set of words or images are assembled. Each collaborator adds to the composition. When I see children playing or inventing their games, that's what I see happening. To build the dramaturgy of my show, I wanted to use  the children's  arborescent way of thinking. Sometimes, adults feel disoriented by the profusion of ideas, the multidirectionality of the game. Never the children. Children follow you everywhere, as long as they are seduced, as long as something fascinates them, as long as they are touched. Recent neurological studies speak of it; The mind is "rhizomic", the mind does not operate in a linear way, but in "network". Knowledge is about everything we know about the world, but it's in the imagination that lies what remains to be discovered. Einstein tells us; "Imagination is more important than knowledge."

Presse :

Derniers “Cartoons” à Huy

Laurence Bertels Publié le vendredi 25 août 2017/ La libre Belgique

« Voilà un coup d’essai qui pourrait s’apparenter à un coup de maître. »


Cartoon is a dance piece created specifically for children (6 years and older) and their families.

In this surrealistic tale, four characters get possessed by their inner creative demons producing a nonsensical and fun swirl of dance, music and games.  The abundance of stories constructed give a glimpse into the complex and confusing function of the mind: full of twists and turns, growths and setbacks, dead-ends and infinite possibilities.      

Carried away by a magnificent web of sounds, the characters engage in grandiose tirades and bewitched dances to pop music and classical arias.  The soundtrack is an epic adventure that includes centuries-old scores from Bach and Mozart that continue to touch the heart.

Something like a happy mess, at times Cartoon is as serious as a love declaration, while other times as light as a breeze.

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Le 2 mars au Krokusfestival/ Hasselt (BE)
Le 5 mai à la Raffinerie/ Charleroi Danses (BE)
Le 6 mai à la Raffinerie/ Charleroi Danses (BE)
Le 24 juin à la Balsamine (BXL)
Le 1er juillet festival Tchafornis / Engis (BE)
Le 2 juillet au Festival Dansand (BE)
Le 5 juillet à l'Open look Festival / Saint Petersbourg (RU)
Le 22 aout à 11h à Huy (BE)
Le 22 aout à 16h à Huy (BE)
Le 27 décembre à 11h Noël au théâtre/ (BXL)
Le 27 décembre à 14h Noël au théâtre (BXL)


12 janvier à 10h Centre culturel Jacques Franck, Bruxelles (BE)
12 janvier à 14h Centre culturel Jacques Franck, Bruxelles (BE)
13 janvier à 18h Centre culturel Jacques Franck, Bruxelles (BE)
4 février à 17h Festival pays de danse Verviers (BE)
13 février Krokusfestival (BE)
18 février à 16h Festival Cep Party/Vallet (FR)
23 mars à 14h30 Centre culturel de Talange (FR)
23 mars à 20h Centre culturel de Talange (FR)
22 avril à 16 h Wolubilis Bruxelles (BE)
CARTOON 06/07/2018 Palamos Festival ( SP)
CARTOON 11/07/2018 Festival Ideklic Moirans en montagne (FR)
CARTOON 14/07/2018  Dubrovnik (HR)
CARTOON 18/07/2018 Kalamata festival (GR)
CARTOON 21/07/2018 Non verbal Festival Sin Vincenti (CR)
CARTOON 31/08/2018 Murska Sobota/ Festival front@ (SL)
CARTOON 28/10/2018 5 pm De Spil Roselaere (BE)
CARTOON 02/11/2018  CCP Moutier (CH)
CARTOON 02/11/2018  CCP Moutier (CH)
CARTOON 07/11/2011 Opéra de Bordeaux (FR)
CARTOON 08/11/2018 Opéra de Bordeaux (FR)


CARTOON 27 th of january La Louvière (BE)
CARTOON 28 th of january La Louvière (BE)
CARTOON 01 February 2 pm Vitry le François/bords de scene (FR)
CARTOON 01 February 7.30 pm Vitry le François/ bords de scène (FR)
CARTOON 08 th of february 10 am Charleroi danse (BE)
CARTOON 08/02 1.30 pm (school) Charleroi danse (BE)
CARTOON 09 th of januray 3 pm Charleroi danse (BE)
CARTOON 15/03/2018  Langres/ Tintinmars (FR)
CARTOON 16/03/2018 Langres / Tintinmars (FR)
CARTOON 20 th march Waterloo / Espace Bernier (BE)
CARTOON 21 st march Waterloo / Espace Bernier (BE)
CARTOON 22 nd march Waterloo /Espace Bernier (BE)
CARTOON 24 rth of april 10 am Colfontaine (BE)
CARTOON 25 th april 8pm  Hazebroucq/ centre andré Malraux (FR)
CARTOON 26 th april 10 am Hazebroucq / Centre André Malraux (FR)
CARTOON 22/09/ 3pm Koksijde (BE)
CARTOON 06/10/ 3pm Oostend/ DE GROTEPOST (BE)
CARTOON 07/10/ 10:30 am Oostend/ DE GROTEPOST (BE)
CARTOON 07/10/ 1:30 pm Oostend/ DE GROTEPOST (BE) (Option)


CARTOON 03/05/2020 SURMARS/ Mons (BE) Option
CARTOON 04/05/2020 SURMARS/ Mons (BE) Option
CARTOON 04/05/2020 SURMARS/ Mons (BE) Option



"Voila un coup d'essai qui pourrait s'apparenter à un coup de maître"

Read the article in La Libre Belgique

"The dance is virtuosic, sensual, attractive (...) Cartoon dynamite dance for the youngs ".(...) "Let those who expect to find here a linear narrative like in Coppélia or Nutcracker immediately move the sliders of their expectations !"

Read the article in Le vif/ l'express