2019-2020: A season under the aegis of our new label : "Let's love planet earth !”

Because it is time to save the incredibly moving performance of life on planet earth, we have decided to « do something » : take part to the ecological transition.
 We believe that the success achieved through our latest productions allows us to experiment, enlarge our field of vision, and see what’s beyond the mere choreographic motive.
This led us to redefine what we understand, what we mean, and what we want from "success". It no longer seems possible to consider "successful", a project that doesn’t include an acute awareness of the consequences of our activities on the environment. 
The system we live in is locked, in many ways. This often overwhelms us with a great sense of helplessness. This is why we have create this label. It will work as a guideline, a gentle reminder to help us try and do things differently. This label was born from the desire to create a context where we could all together, collectively, dancers, choreographer, programmers, audience, find answers to that question: 
"How can we do things differently ?
Because it is a sheer pleasure to discover the beautiful breakaways, green and winding roads of the ecological path. We want to dance that dance with you :) !!


Here are some ideas you can get inspired from in order to help us reduce our carbon footprint, keep our greenhouse emissions to the minimum, reduce our consumption of plastic and waste, and find ways to support post-industrial farming…:

Catering :

Offer the possibility to our dancers to refill their reusable bottle, with a fountain backstage and in dressing rooms, rather than offering plastic bottles. (Always a good idea to ban single use plastics )

For the catering, chose fruits and products from local farmers, rather organic, and rather unwrapped/ no fancy packaging.

Provide us with a list of planet friendly restaurants, stores near you.

If you chose to offer catering on site, please offer vegetarian options.

Travel :

Help us investigate ways, and support our travels by train rather than by plane.

This list is a work in progress !
We are more than open to receive your ideas, and suggestions.
We are looking forward to brainstorm with you on this topic.