Eléonore Valère-Lachky.

Producer of Anton Lachky Company

Eléonore Valère-Lachky is a dancer. Her activities are wide ranging ; she performs, creates dance pieces, teaches internationally, and has been working as the producer of Anton Lachky Company since 2017.

She has a degree in Philosophy, (Paris X). She graduated from P.A.R.T.S, where she worked with William Forsyth for "Humanwrite", "Clouds after Cranah" and Thomas Hauert for "Lobster Caravan".

As an interpret she worked for Ultima Vez / Wim Vandekeybus for « Les porteuses de mauvaises nouvelles", Charleroi Danses / Michèle Anne de Mey for "Synfonia Eroica", Kristian Smeds / KVS for "Mental Finland", Emanuel Gat for the creation of "Brilliant Corners", Ballets C of the B / Lisi Estaras for "Bolero", Needcompany / Jan Lauwers for "The deerhouse" and "The art of entertainement", Louise Vanneste for "Gone in a heartbeat", Isabella Soupart for "C'est ici que le jour se lève" / Sam Touzani, "Slow down".

As a choreographer, she creates solos that she performs "Lands", "Army", and group pieces ("The darling scenes", "Bleu"), "Whirling" (Trafo Theater / (HU) for wich she was nominated as best author by the SABAM AWARDS in 2014, "FAM »The Staatheater de Mainz (DE)," Pledging foot "/ Liberdance (CR). She creates many pieces for young dancers in Hungary (BKTF / BCDA), Spain (Deltebre festival), and Austria (SEAD).

This season she's touring her solo "Lands", performs for Isabella Soupart « STRECH », creates "When you brush a form clean, it becomes truly what it is" for the ZSIGET (Festival, (HU) and "The possible lightness of being" in SEAD (AU). Alongside, she is pursuing a research project on the notion of « Mouvement Juste »" supported by Contredanse and Charleroi Danse.