Lachky takes pleasure in making sense from nonsense and exploring links between reality and surrealism.  His work is developed around the unique physicality of the performers, highlights the beauty and power of the moving body and intertwines it with his quirky and humorous style. This new work by Anton Lachky on the company has its premiere in Scotland in February 2015.

Anton Lachky was awarded with Gríman, the Icelandic Performance Arts Awards, for best choreography in 2011.

Dreamers premiered in February 2015 in Dundee.

“A former dancer with Akram Khan, Lachky has clearly found his own voice as a choreographer (although retaining the exhilarating speed Khan is known for). And kudos to Scottish Dance Theatre’s artistic director, Fleur Darkin for finding him early on. “
”It’s anarchy, the kind we all imagine as an antidote to dull routine. Lachky sets it leaping, spinning and exploding into witty, mercurial movement against the ordered beauty of Bach, Vivaldi, Haydn, Chopin and Vanhal.”
— Mary Brennan / The Herald

pictures : © Brian Hartley @Stillmotionarts

lCHOREOGRAPHY BY Anton Lachky COSTUMES DESIGN   Alison Brown LIGHT DESIGN BY Emma Jones REHERSAL DIRECTOR Matthew Robinson DANCERS Nerea Gurratxaga Arruti, Francesco Ferrari, Amy Hollinshead, Jori Kerremans, Naomi Murray, Christopher Radford, Audrey Rogero,
Aya Steigman